February 6, 2022

How much does air conditioning cost in Edmonton?

Having a central air conditioner can greatly improve your home comfort during the summer months. While Edmonton’s summer isn’t the longest, it can certainly heat up! If you’ve been suffering in a sweltering hot house every summer, this year might be the year you finally get an air conditioner.



How a central air conditioner works

The most common type of air conditioner in Edmonton is a central air conditioner. This type of cooling system uses your furnace ducts to distribute cool air throughout the entire home. A large square-shaped unit is installed in your yard and is connected to your HVAC system.

Your air conditioner works like a refrigerator, but for your entire house. Warm air in the home is pulled through the ducts by a fan. Meanwhile, a refrigerant is moved from a compressor coil to the evaporator coil where it absorbs the heat from the air. When the heat is removed from the air, and when it is cool, it gets pushed back through the ducts and is distributed through your vents in the home.

Factors that determine the cost of an air conditioner

Edmonton air conditioning companies will give you an accurate estimate for your air conditioning installation, but there are some factors that will help determine the cost. These key factors include:

  • The brand and model you choose: Like any product, prices fluctuate depending on the model, it’s specifications and abilities and its brand. Higher-end models will be less noisy, which is an attractive feature for homeowners. A premium brand might also require additional parts and labour to install, which can drive up the price.


  • The size of your home: The larger your home is, the most space you must cool and the larger the AC unit you’ll require. Your air conditioning contractor will help you choose a unit that will be best suited to the size of your home and your cooling needs.


  • The complexity of the installation: Central air conditioners use your HVAC systems ductwork to collect warm air and distribute cool air. This means your ducts will have to be retrofitted to work with the AC. In some cases, it’s a few simple changes. For some homes, ducts must be removed, added and greatly altered to make it all work. The more complex the installation, the more time it can take, the higher the cost of installation.


  • The air conditioning company: Edmonton air conditioning companies will all have slightly different pricing on labour. Get a few quotes from some HVAC companies and compare their prices. Keep in mind that they should be competitive. If one company has a way lower price than the others, it could mean a lack of experience or that they’re using low quality products. The quality of their workmanship and installation is very important to your air conditioners longevity and function. Never cheap out on an air conditioning installation.

Cost estimates of air conditioners in Edmonton

For the most accurate quote, contact Furnace Solutions for a detailed estimate. To give you a general idea, you can expect to pay between $3,000 and $6,000 for a central air conditioner in Edmonton.

How Much does AC cost in Edmonton

Less than $3,000

If you’re paying less than $3,000 for your air conditioner installation you are paying a below-market price. You should be cautious if you’re quoted a price this low. While you can get a decent AC unit with installation in this price range, you run a higher risk of issues. Improper installation, low quality products, limited or no warranty coverage are some things to watch out for. The company you hire might also be less experienced or running without a proper business license and insurance. Always do your thorough homework before choosing a HVAC contractor and be extra wary if they’re giving you a low-ball quote.

$3,000 to $6,000

This is they typical price range for an average high efficiency air conditioner from an experienced, licensed and insured HVAC contractor. This price range means your installation is standard, not requiring too much retrofitting. You’ll also get decent warrant coverage on labour in this price range. Price variances depend on the details of your installation, brand and model of the unit, size and other things.

More than $6,000

If you’re quoted over $6,000, it could be because of several factors. If your installation is complicated, or you need to convert or overhaul the entire HVAC system to make it work, the cost will go up. If you have chosen a state-of-the-art unit that requires specifically trained labour, tools and parts, it can make the price go up.

Choosing the right air conditioning contractor

Not all Edmonton air conditioning companies are the same. You should always do thorough background checks before hiring any contractor to work on your home, HVAC companies included. Contact a few contractors from your list and ask them the following questions:

  • Do they have a business license? You’d be surprised how many ‘contractors’ operate without one.
  • Do they have insurance? They should have both liability insurance and WCB coverage. This protects them and you from any damage or injury that could occur on the worksite.
  • Are they a member of a third-party organization like the Better Business Bureau?
  • How much experience do their HVAC installers have? What was their training? What is their background?
  • What is their warranty on installation? What is the manufacturer’s warranty on the AC unit?
  • What brands and models of air conditioners do they typically install? Most AC companies will work with a few specific brands. If you have a brand that you want, but they do not list it as one they install, ask if they would install it for you. In some cases, they will.
  • Can they provide references?

If you’re satisfied with the answers to those questions, and you’ve checked a few references, have them come to your home for a detailed estimate. They will look at your current HVAC system, duct work and give you an estimate for the job. An HVAC technician can also recommend certain units that will cool your home the most efficiently within your desired price range.

Make sure their estimate is detailed and that every aspect of the job is included, in writing, before hiring them. If they cannot give you a detailed quote, and are vague on price, do not hire them.


For more information, or for a free estimate, contact Furnace Solutions! 780-504-6772

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