February 20, 2022

7 questions you should ask before hiring a furnace company

1. What is the company’s reputation?

Check online reviews. See what others say about them.

2. What are the company’s values?

It is critical to use a company that has high standards, accountability, and a strong work ethic. Do they have good reviews and online presence?  Use your friends. Do you know anyone that has used this company? Don’t be shy, ask how their experience was!

3. What is this company offering you?

Are you able to be a part of their family? Do they have membership offers for you? Will they be there to offer service to you and deliver on quality? Will they be providing annual maintenance checks for you?

4. Is their warranty on the work/labor?

It’s important that if anything does go wrong, you have the support of the company that installed your equipment. To know that you have that extra insurance behind you, will not only help you feel more secure in your decision, but it will also confirm your earlier prognosis that you have chosen a good company that stands behind their work.

5. What is the manufacturers they work with.

Is the equipment manufactured by a reputable company? What are the warranties like? Does the company promote a specific brand for a reason?

6. What is the warranty of the unit?

An insurance policy behind your unit is the best thing you as a purchaser can have. How long is the warranty with your new unit? What is included in the warranty? Why does the company believe this is the best warranty for your needs?

7. Are they offering a solution to your problems, offering you the bare minimum, or pushing you in a direction you don’t want to go?

Do you need space heaters to keep areas warm? Are you constantly changing the thermostat? Are there cold spots in your house? Are you looking for more warmth in your home? Are you in a no-heat situation? Are you planning on selling your home soon? Do you want to add air-conditioning for maximum comfort?

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